3 tips to feel even safer in your own home

Safety is a hot issue these days, the market is booming and the solutions available to us are proving to be more than efficient. Nevertheless, alarmsystemen,  safety requires the right expertise and the right choices. Below you will read three tips that significantly enhance the safety of your own home or your company. We are talking about security cameras, lighting and locks.

Tip 1: security camera
In order to be able to log in and view images worldwide with an analogue security camera, a DVR with internet connection is important. If you buy a product from the “analogue” category, you should also buy the rest from the same category. Before buying a security camera system, it is important to ask yourself a few questions.

Do you want to recognize or detect people?
Do you want general control?
Do you want to be able to watch worldwide?
Possibility to control a security camera (PTZ, left, right, up, down, zoom in and out).
Think about the future, do you want to be able to easily expand later because you will have multiple stores?
Very important, the placement of a security camera, one can not just place a security camera at every location, keep in mind lighting and sunshine.
Do you want day and night vision, with or without infrared (840nm), keep in mind that if you use infrared, this can be disadvantageous for pets! Advice is then, digital day/night technique.

Tip 2: light
An outside light provides extra safety. The lamp turns on automatically when someone comes near it. And since burglars don’t like to stand in the light, they prefer to choose a house where it is and stays dark. A lamp with a motion detector therefore provides even more security in and around your house.

An outdoor lamp also provides extra security. The lamp switches on automatically when someone approaches. And since burglars don’t like to stand in the light, they prefer a house where it’s dark and stays dark.

Tip 3: locks
36 percent of the total number of home burglaries takes place through the side or back door. An alarm system is a first step in making your home burglary safe. On top of that, it is advisable to provide individual security for the doors and windows. There are many different security locks that you can use. For example, there is the security cylinder, the security hardware and the multi-point lock. Use them in combination with each other for optimal security of your home. If you have them installed at the same time as alarm systems, you drastically reduce the risk of burglaries.

Security locks are much sturdier than ordinary locks. A security lock is very difficult to manipulate by burglars. So with a security lock you are better protected against burglary. For exterior doors (front door or back door) a security lock is certainly recommended.

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