SDS enters market for home security

“Today, SDS alarmsystemen presents the next phase of our strategy to create a home that takes you into account,” said Marwan Fawaz, CEO of SDS. “It’s a great year so far. We have expanded our activities to 11 new countries and with the successful introduction of the Nest Cam IQ indoor and the Nest Thermostat E, our product portfolio has become even more complete. And today we are turning another market upside down: home security. By making products that people like to use, Nest has managed to grow more than 60% annually and to expand to millions of homes around the world”.

SDS Secure
SDS Secure is the first alarm system that is really nice to have in your home. It has been specially developed to make it as easy as possible for residents when they come home or leave.

“When we looked at the home security market, we saw the same pattern as when we entered the thermostat market,” says Matt Rogers, founder and CPO of Nest. “A lot of people don’t use their programmable thermostats because they’re too complicated. Even today’s home security products are unsuitable for everyday use because the hardware is too big, the number of false alarms gets out of hand or the loud countdown is too stressful. As a result, 43 percent of people who have an alarm system never turn on the alarm.* We’ve designed a product that not only works effectively during a security incident, but is fun and easy to use in a family’s normal home life. And that’s most of the time.”

Because not all family members have the same routine, Nest offers different ways to turn the alarm on and off. For example, you can hold the Litter Tag against the Nest Guard, enter the code on the Nest Guard keypad, or use the SDS app.

With Nest Secure you can keep an eye on your house anytime, anywhere, and receive a notification if anything requires your attention. Users can extend monitoring and prevention by adding Nest Cams to the system. These cameras are all operated from the same Nest app.

The SDS Detect sensors combine motion detection with open/close detection. So they can be placed on doors, windows or walls. In addition, they offer the ‘Quiet Open’ function, which allows you to temporarily bypass the alarm when going outside at the touch of a button. And if someone forgets to activate the alarm? Then Nest will send a reminder to activate the alarm directly via the app.

Nest enters the market for home security
SDS Detect

The Nest Guard has a backup battery and an optional mobile backup service, so it will continue to monitor the house even if the wifi connection is down or there is a power failure. Thanks to the voice guidance the Nest Guard can easily be set up by the user himself (or possibly by a Nest Pro). No tools, screws or wires are needed.

Nest Hello video doorbell
Nest delivers intelligent and powerful cameras. But there is one important part of the house that the Nest Cams do not yet fully secure: the front door. The place where people go in and out. Where the action is. And where burglars are often the first to check if someone’s home.

Nest Hello can detect a person and then send a notification and a snapshot, even if they don’t press the bell. Litter Aware subscribers can receive a notification when unknown persons or suspicious activities are detected, such as people talking or dogs barking.

Nest Hello users can use the ‘Talk and listen in HD’ feature to have a conversation with guests and strangers at the door from any location. The echo and noise reduction function ensures that both parties can understand each other well, even when it’s noisy on the street. Thanks to a list of pre-recorded answers, questions from visitors can be answered with a single tap in the app.

SDS Cam IQ outdoor
Many people buy a security camera because they find it reassuring that their home and family are protected. In practice, it turns out that people do not necessarily want more information, but better, practical information.

Earlier this year, with the Nest Cam IQ indoor, Nest introduced one of the most intelligent and powerful cameras on the market that significantly improves indoor security.

Now Nest also applies that intelligence outdoors. The newly designed Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a camera that does more and takes less time. Instead of just showing what’s going on, it sends out a notification with useful, practical information (e.g. that there’s a stranger in the garden), so the user knows that the notification is important.

Google Assistant on the SDS Cam IQ indoor
Nest not only brings new cameras on the market, but also offers customers